Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Restoran Wun Chiap, Tamparuli

Everyone heard of the well known Tuaran Noodle & Beaufort Fried Noodle. There is another well known noodle which is as good as the prior two....the Tamparuli Fried Noodle. All these noodles are named after the town where it was originated.

Tamparuli is a small town nearby Tuaran along the way to Ranau and the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, Mt. Kinabalu. There is a restaurant in the centre of a row of shophouses called Restoran Wun Chiap. This family-run restaurant, located next to Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), is where the famous Tamparuli Noodle originated. There are many other restaurants offering Tamparuli Noodle in their menu, but none of them got close to the taste of its original creator, the Wun Chiap family. Its customers are willing to travel as far as Kota Kinabalu just to enjoy a plate of the original Tamparuli Noodle.

The noodle is hand made and usually fried with BBQ pork (Char Siew), Egg Pork Roll (minced pork rolled with egg, only available in Sabah), eggs and veggies. Sometimes after enjoying a plate, people will order some extra to take-away (tapau) either for their family & friends, or for their own consumption later.

This shop is a must stop for myself everytime I travelled to Ranau for business. No matter where I am heading to, I will stop by to have a plate of Tamparuli Noodle at Wun Chiap. Its a practice since my family brought me there more than 20 years ago.

Have a try and I believe you will never forget the taste! However, please don't go so early as it usually opens late.

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